Brewers Trade Parra, Broxton At Deadline

Brewers Trade Parra To Baltimore

The Brewers continue an impressive, albeit unsexy, reload. Parra was a cheap grab at last year’s trade deadline, and while the team went 66-90 during his tenure, he can hardly be faulted. Parra batted .312/.355/.482 in 146 games in a Brewers uniform, and again, that versatility in the outfield was as valuable as the actual quality of his play out there.

Now Parra has done the most valuable thing yet for the Brewers, though, by bringing more in return than he cost to acquire. Davies is no future star, but he could pitch in the big leagues this season, and as Doug Melvin continues spinning off his spare parts, he can look ahead to a rebuild free of some of the limitations he faced when he built this team in the first place.

[To read about the remainder of the Gerardo Parra trade, please visit Baseball Prospectus’ main site and read the entire article, written by Matthew Trueblood and Tucker Blair. The article can be found here.]

Broxton Goes to St. Louis for Malik Collymore

Raw because of spending his amateur days playing in the Great White North, Collymore does show some refinement with the bat for a player with limited experience. He has struggled this year in his first experience off of the Cardinals complex, but he does show the skill set to be a potential above-average hitter, including a short swing path and strong wrists. He’s likely limited to gap power at best, but he does understand how to drive the ball. His bat would profile better at second base where the Cardinals played him last year, but the lack of power could hinder him if he remains in a corner outfield position.

[To read more about Malik Collymore and how Jonathan Broxton fits in St. Louis, visit Baseball Prospectus’ main site and read the entire article, written by R.J. Anderson and Jeff Moore. The article can be found here.]

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