Hernan Perez 2016 in Review

The average players are the ones who fall under the cracks. They don’t garner the attention of black ink on their Baseball Reference page or reach milestones such as hitting forty homers or stealing sixty bases. They don’t offer the tantalizing potential of a top prospect, nor the arc of redemption from guys who never […]


Grading Trades II: Surplus

Khris Davis, Mike Fiers, and Jean Segura provided approximately 9.7 WARP for near $4 million in salary in 2016, a rate of pay and performance that perfectly frames the challenge of forming realistic trade grades. Given the common assumption that 1.0 WARP is worth approximately $7 million on the market, on the surface Brewers fans […]


Grading Trades I: Inventory

Brewers GM David Stearns earned a quick reputation for deal-making at a rapid pace, and his work followed a severe 2015 trade deadline from President Doug Melvin. Now that the first full rebuilding season is complete, and a season and a half has passed since the first rebuilding deals, it is worth using this vast […]


Prospects and Future Cornerstones

The Milwaukee Brewers’ minor league system has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last two years. At the beginning of the 2015 season, most outlets had the Brewers ranked within the bottom five to ten farm systems among the 30 major league teams. The direction of the team has since changed from making an annual […]


The Land of Opportunity

Every year new players get opportunities to shine, to show off their talents on the big stage. Some are rookies, others are bench players who got an opportunity because of injury. Baseball is filled with these type of players, players waiting on the edge for their time in the light. This year, the Brewers gave […]


Losing and Home Runs

After Francisco Lindor hit Cleveland’s third home run in the first game of their Divisional Series with Boston, TBS flashed a stat that Cleveland was 17-3 this season when hitting 3+ home runs in a game. I thought that was a silly fact to note since teams should win most of the time when hitting […]

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