Optimism Part One: Three Weird Tricks to Get to .500

It’d be a mistake to assume that win totals are linear for a rebuilding baseball club like the Brewers. Prospects fail more often than not, trade value and free agent spending splurges are part timing and part luck, and there’s very much an open question over when a team has actually “bottomed out.” All that […]


Revisiting the Sabathia Trade

Throughout the offseason, I have worked toward developing a Benefit-Cost Analysis tool that monetizes MLB production and Overall Future Potential (OFP) in order to judge trades and assess franchise surplus value. Consistently testing this tool with Brewers rebuilding or counterbuilding moves, as well as problematizing the tool by assessing 2017 trades (such as the Brian […]


Winning Jobs: Spring Training Stuff!

The Brewers have an almost absurd level of organization depth and MLB roster flexibility at the moment, which leaves many questions about the shape of the roster for the 2017 season. At this point it should almost be a given that the August 1, 2017 roster will not be the roster that breaks camp, in […]


Thinking Outside the Box 4: The Future Cost Savings of the Inverted Staff

When comparing a traditional five-man rotation to the six, seven, and eight-man piggyback variations, at the end of the day you’re essentially comparing two different routes to the same destination. As with most ideological battles in life, which one is “better” is a factor of several other variables. Thinking Outside the Box: A Bullpen for […]


Camp Prospects

Each year, spring training serves as a warm up for players knock out the winter’s cobwebs and get in playing shape for the long baseball regular season. Most players are working through some sort of mechanical adjustments or tinkering with a new pitch, pitchers only work maybe a couple of innings as they build up arm […]


King of Spring

Spring Training baseball is notorious for two things: fans over-exaggerating the triumphs and failures of their favorite players and teams by using small, meaningless sample sizes, and unless a person happens to lurk within the dark depths of a team’s farm system, extremely boring baseball past the fifth inning. In an attempt to cure that […]

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