Pitching Staff and the Rebuild

It’s no secret that the Brewers’ pitching staff has struggled tremendously this year: they rank last in baseball in DRA, are the only group to have posted negative WARP, and are leading only Cincinnati in FIP. And unfortunately for the Brewers, many of the culprits are young pitchers who the club was hoping to be […]


Junior Guerra’s Splitter

Junior Guerra continues to be the surprise star of the Brewers rotation. His latest start Thursday against the Cubs was his most electric yet. He held one of the best lineups in baseball to just three runs on five hits and three walks over seven innings Thursday night, and his ability to miss bats was […]


Game 44 Recap: Mets 3 Brewers 1

Best & Worst Play: It turns out that Noah Syndergaard fella can pitch pretty well. Across seven innings, he allowed a lone run on six hits and no walks, while piling up 11 strikeouts. Once the Mets took the lead with a two-run fourth inning, the Brewers’ win expectancy never rose above 40 percent. The […]

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers-Workouts

Counterbuilding: Trading & Drafting

Unfortunately, the Brewers can compete as early as next season, and contend as early as 2018. I write “unfortunately” because the Milwaukee faithful are clearly spinning in the cycles of rebuilding press promulgated by the club, and therefore being coaxed with subtle hints that it might be acceptable to watch losing baseball for several seasons. […]


All You Had to do was Swing

A few weeks ago, I addressed the Brewers extreme shift in plate discipline numbers. The team had moved from the highest O-Swing percentage in the league in 2015 (34.1 percent) to the lowest in 2016. With about double the sample size now in the books, that remains true: Milwaukee’s O-Swing percentage this season remains a […]

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