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Don’t Overlook Michael Reed

This has been quite the year for the Brewers’ farm system. Prospects like Orlando Arcia and Jorge Lopez have increased their already high stock. Recent first-round draft pick Trent Clark lit up the rookie leagues. Taylor Jungmann is having a better-than-expected start to his major-league career. All the prospects in the Gomez/Fiers deal have impressed, including […]


The Player-Hader’s Ball

It was Warren Spahn, one of the most talented major -league pitchers to ever ply his trade in the city of Milwaukee, who originally coined the baseball wisdom that “hitting is timing, and pitching is upsetting timing.” Over a half-century after Spahn upset timing well enough to bring a championship to Milwaukee, the out-of-contention Brewers added a […]


The Brewers’ Prospect Landscape

What an invigorating trade deadline for those prospect watchers among us! The Brewers brought in seven new prospects to add to an already improving farm system. It was an exciting year for the first-year player draft as well. In the span of six months, the Brewers took what was a bottom-ten farm system and turned it into a […]