Welcome to BP Milwaukee

Introduction to BP Milwaukee

Welcome to BP Milwaukee.

When Baseball Prospectus unveiled their plans to create local BP sites for various teams, I hoped that management would reach out and present me with the opportunity to be involved in some capacity. Needless to say, I eagerly accepted the offer to serve as Editor-in-Chief and one of the lead authors of the site. It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to concentrate my energy upon breaking down anything and everything Milwaukee Brewers. It’s good to be home.

It’s my goal to make BP Milwaukee the premier place for news and analysis on the Milwaukee Brewers. We’re going to offer the Baseball Prospectus quality and laser-focus it on a single team, which promises to result in something great.

It also helps that BP Milwaukee is going to have a rockstar staff. Here are the folks you’re going to see around these parts:

Jack Moore, Senior Writer  —  Jack has written on the Brewers in some capacity for the better part of a decade, and we formerly co-owned Disciples of Uecker together. He’s one of my favorite sportswriters in the game at the moment, though his abilities extend far beyond the realm of sports. You’ve seen him at VICE Sports, The GuardianSports on Earth, The Hardball Times, and CBSSports. It’s going to be an absolute treat to have him aboard. I promise y’all that.

Derek Harvey, Staff Writer  —  Writing at Brew Crew Ball and The Outside Corner, Derek has in-depth knowledge on the Brewers and will bring a wide-range of ability to the site. If you’ll pardon the scouting jargon, I think it will quickly become apparent that he’s a high-ceiling, high-floor prospect that any org would be happy to build around.

Ryan Romano, Staff Writer  — Ryan currently serves as an editor and writer for Beyond the Box Score, so his analytical chops will be readily welcomed at BP Milwaukee. He does a great job digging his teeth into performance trends and showing larger patterns that we often overlook in day-to-day coverage.

Julien Assouline, Staff Writer  —  You may have seen Julien’s work featured on FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus, but most of his time has recently been spent at Banished to the Pen. He has a talent for asking tough questions and formulating well-researched arguments to answer those questions. His articles often include informative and attractive visualizations, which is a bonus.

Aside from that quartet, BP Milwaukee will feature an additional six-pack of authors (and perhaps more down the road) — about all of whom I’m extremely excited.

Colin Anderle — Writer and editor at The Cauldron.

Michael Bradburn — Writer at Beyond the Box Score.

Xavier Alatorre — Writer at The Sports Quotient.

Seth Victor — Former writer at Bloomberg Sports and AriBall.

Michael Schwarz — Professor of U.S. History, who earned a PhD from the University of Kentucky, and is writing a book on Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Andrew Salzman — Current lawyer. (I think it’d be against internet baseball’s rules if we didn’t have a current or former lawyer on the squad.)

The team of writers is diverse, deep, and talented. This will present us with the opportunity to bring you multiple articles per day from varying perspectives. Because this is affiliated with Baseball Prospectus, we’ll have the opportunity to draw on expertise from other BP authors, so be prepared to see articles from other BP faces/names you know and love. It’s only going to augment the existing content that we promise to dish out each day.

Again, welcome. Come back often. This place is as much yours as it is ours. Comment on the articles and follow us on Twitter. We want to hear from you.

Let’s do this. I’m ready.

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Rian Watt

Thrilled to see this launching! Looking forward to reading.

David S.

Unbelievably excited that Baseball Prospectus is focusing on the Brewers! I’ve loved J.P.’s work with BP and interested in reading the new BP crew here.

J.P. Breen

Thanks for the kind words, David. We hope to see you around these parts often.

Cogs in the Wheel

Great line up of contributors and a welcome addition to the Brewer Nation. Looking forward to your analysis and insights!

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