Coming Out: David Denson Makes, And Continues, History

This weekend, Brewers minor-league outfielder and first baseman David Denson publicly announced that he is gay, becoming the first actively-out gay player on a minor-league affiliate. The 20-year-old was a 15th-round pick of the Brewers in 2013 and plays for Rookie-level Helena. Denson’s history-making announcement adds him to a list of recent out gay pioneers […]


The Brewers And Salary Growth

The discussion surrounding the rise in contract salaries has been a common theme around the baseball-verse. It seems that every season, a new superstar player gets signed to another record contract, raising concerns that players are being overpaid. The idea, though, that players are actually getting overpaid is complicated. As Matt Swartz pointed out, while salaries are definitely increasing, […]


Rebuilding, Retooling, Remodeling, or Whatever

Rebuild has become a toxic word in the baseball community. As selling clubs maneuvered to move established players for minor-league talent at the trade deadline, general managers tried to spin their “sell” trades as best as possible. Dave Dombrowski of the Detroit Tigers called their midseason exodus a “reboot” rather than a rebuild. The Brewers have consistently […]