How the Brewers Are (and Were) Constructed

For the past few weeks, our esteemed editor in chief, Nicholas Zettel has been covering a number of trades the Brewers have made over the past year. What Zettel is doing, in part, is looking at how this Brewers team has been constructed. I thought this was an interesting topic, and idea, so decided to […]


The Land of Opportunity

Every year new players get opportunities to shine, to show off their talents on the big stage. Some are rookies, others are bench players who got an opportunity because of injury. Baseball is filled with these type of players, players waiting on the edge for their time in the light. This year, the Brewers gave […]


Brewers and Miller Park Attendance

Last year, my colleague Jack Moore wrote about the Brewers quality attendance even in a losing season, “This year’s Milwaukee Brewers — a team that floundered horrifically out of the gate, won all of 68 games, and at no point from May onward came within 10 games within .500. And yet, a total of 2,542,558 […]