Top-Five Offseason Trade Candidates For Brewers

As the waiver trade deadline comes to a close on Monday, the focus across the baseball community will turn to September call-ups. The Cubs are reportedly poised to promote Javier Baez — who, contrary to popular belief, is not a failed prospect and is hitting .315/.378/.522 with 13 homers in Triple-A this year — while […]


Jean Segura and Managing Expectations

Public perception is driven by how one performs compared to expectations. A sardonic cliche in the United States holds that one should “always under-promise and over-deliver.” If co-workers and managers don’t expect anything more than shoddy work, they’ll be impressed by mediocrity. Inflate expectations and/or perform exceptionally well from the beginning, mediocrity suddenly becomes unacceptable. Jean […]


The Secret to Segura’s Success

I know what you’re thinking: Jean Segura hasn’t been that successful this year. I can see that point of view, but it depends on how you look at it and what your expectations are for him. If you expected him to be an above-average shortstop for the whole season, he’s fallen short of that. But […]