Good for 80 Games

The Brewers are in the midst of a stunning September surge, one that could potentially find them playing themselves out of a 2017 Top 10 draft pick and — better yet — finding another MLB role from their pile of future values. This surge is stunning because thus far it’s come against the World Champion […]

Game 8 Recap: Brewers 6 Cardinals 4

Top Play (WPA): No surprise here, but the top play in terms of win probability was Domingo Santana’s home run off Cardinals closer Trevor Rosenthal in the top of the ninth inning (+.490). After a solid, methodical offensive performance that saw four separate two-out hits drive in four runs, Brandon Moss hit a Michael Blazek […]


Game 6 Recap: Brewers 3 Astros 2

Jimmy Nelson blew past his opponents for the second time in as many starts, and the hitters backed him up this go-round, giving the Brewers a 3-2 win over the Astros in the rubber game. Worst Play: Normally, we start with the best play, but this recap will go with the chronological order. Following Nelson’s six strong […]


Which Brewer Had the Worst Pitch in 2015?

On Tuesday, I wrote about the best pitches that we saw from the Brewers in 2015. Jimmy Nelson’s curveball, Ariel Pena’s four-seam fastball, Francisco Rodriguez’s changeup, and Will Smith’s slider all separated themselves from the pack in a good way. Now, we come to the natural compliment to that exercise — which Milwaukee offerings proved […]


Which Brewer Had the Best Pitch in 2015?

Most fans of baseball seem to observe the game from a hitting-centric viewpoint. As Warren Spahn once quipped, “hitting is timing, pitching is upsetting timing.” This approach has never appealed to me — I think pitchers have a greater hand in the game than we credit them for. Aside from the fact that they succeed far […]