Cain and Yelich: Renegotiating Surplus

The Brewers recently completed two of the biggest moves of the offseason by trading for left fielder Christian Yelich and signing free agent center fielder Lorenzo Cain. These moves are “big” not simply because of the glacial pace of the new MLB collusion, but by virtue of their structure and Milwaukee’s position in the league. […]


Rolling Out the Barrel: Chasing an Up-Hill Dream

It’s February, folks, which means that the last baseball-less month is in our wake. Pitchers and catchers report two weeks from today, which means we’re just 14 days away from new pictures of some of our favorite ballplayers working out in the Arizona sun. New general manager David Stearns continues to reshape the franchise, making […]


Pulling Apart the Segura Trade

Last week, the Milwaukee Brewers traded shortstop Jean Segura and right-hander Tyler Wagner to the Arizona Diamondbacks in return for right-hander Chase Anderson, infielder Aaron Hill and infield prospect Isan Diaz. The trade has largely been painted as a significant win for the Brewers. Some have considered the deal a pure salary dump, as the […]

Lind Braun

Insight into the Brewers’ Upcoming Trade Strategy

As a team that does not expect to compete in 2016, the Milwaukee Brewers shouldn’t be tied to any single player who isn’t a sho0-in to be an integral part of the organization’s next playoff team, a category which is basically limited to youngish superstars and high-quality prospects. The Brewers are light on superstars, but — […]


The Value of Jonathan Villar to a Rebuilding Team

On Thursday, the Brewers and Astros completed a relatively significant trade (in that it actually involved a Major League player) that sent shortstop Jonathan Villar from Houston to Milwaukee in exchange for minor-league right-hander Cy Sneed. This deal gives the Brewers extra middle-infield depth without sacrificing an impact prospect, which makes it a net positive […]