Brewers Farm Update

OFP and Minor League Pay

Throughout the offseason, I have worked on analysis techniques that place minor league players and MLB players on similar WARP-based monetized scales. This task is important because it helps to iron out some of the necessary wrinkles in assessing trades that involve minor league returns for MLB players, and it also helps to quantify the […]


MLBPA Elitism and Minor League Pay

The recent announcement of H.R. 5580 into the United States House of Representatives brought justifiable outrage at the institution of Major League Baseball. The proposal, which would exempt minor league baseball players from specific labor laws and certain legal powers against their employer, comes in an era of economic growth and is also well-timed to […]


Oppose HR 5580

Over the last couple of months at BP Milwaukee, we’ve tried to help make the case for improving minor leagues wages across Major League Baseball. The BPMilwaukee editorial staff fully supports the class-action lawsuit in California (now Florida), lead by minor league hurler-turned lawyer Garrett Broshuis, that is working to improve working conditions through the […]