The Continued Costs of Miller Park

Miller Park Opening Day Challenge

Another glorious season of Brewers’ baseball is upon us, and to celebrate this most cherished of days, we have a true Baseball Prospectus Milwaukee original. I’ve put together a little game for your reading pleasure, perfect to kill a few minutes waiting for first pitch, or if you happen to be in the line to get into Miller Park. This is an amalgam of experiences I’ve actually had at opening day, stories from friends, and fanciful notions I have about the fact that Miller Park actually sits on a river.

To get the best ending, you’ll need to be daring, sharp, and avoid a certain County Sheriff who seems to be lurking behind every rock and bush on the grounds. You’ll need to be bold. You’ll need to lead and not follow. You will need to know how to score a game. But more than anything, you’ll need to have fun.

I love opening day and find the ceremony around it to be one of the best things about baseball. No one bats an eye at a kid missing school to attend, everyone is in a good mood, every team is still in the hunt, and once the game actually starts, it’s the closest thing to a playoff atmosphere short of actually making the playoffs. It’s a day where anything is still possible, and so it is in the game.

Let’s get things started with Miller Park Opening Day Challenge!


Click here to play!

For added atmosphere, the soundtrack can be accessed here in the form of a Spotify playlist.




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