MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers

How to turn one Josh Hader into two and a half Chris Sales

With Corey Knebel sidelined, many are clamoring for the excellent Josh Hader to take over the all-important “closer” role. The Brewers have mostly resisted so far, and don’t really seem interested in moving their fireman out of his current role, which is a good thing because in his current role, he’s essentially changing the way […]

The Continued Costs of Miller Park

Miller Park Opening Day Challenge

Another glorious season of Brewers’ baseball is upon us, and to celebrate this most cherished of days, we have a true Baseball Prospectus Milwaukee original. I’ve put together a little game for your reading pleasure, perfect to kill a few minutes waiting for first pitch, or if you happen to be in the line to […]


When the Cubs go “Patriots”

It all started innocently enough. The Brewers and Cubs played a May 19th disaster of a slopfest including a two hour rain delay. It soaked Chicago and Wrigley, and made everyone miserable, including the home faithful who saw the Cubs lose. The sun set, the sun rose, and a new day dawned. A lovely, bright, […]