Hernan Perez 2016 in Review

The average players are the ones who fall under the cracks. They don’t garner the attention of black ink on their Baseball Reference page or reach milestones such as hitting forty homers or stealing sixty bases. They don’t offer the tantalizing potential of a top prospect, nor the arc of redemption from guys who never […]


Losing and Home Runs

After Francisco Lindor hit Cleveland’s third home run in the first game of their Divisional Series with Boston, TBS flashed a stat that Cleveland was 17-3 this season when hitting 3+ home runs in a game. I thought that was a silly fact to note since teams should win most of the time when hitting […]


Jonathan Villar’s Baserunning

Jonathan Villar led the Major Leagues in stolen bases with 62. However, according to Baseball Prospectus’ Baserunning Runs (BRR), Villar actually produced negative value on the base paths this past season. In fact, only Chris Carter created more negative value than Villar amongst non-pitchers. Villar had -2.4 BRR this season, which would put him in […]