Rolling Out the Barrel: Chasing an Up-Hill Dream

It’s February, folks, which means that the last baseball-less month is in our wake. Pitchers and catchers report two weeks from today, which means we’re just 14 days away from new pictures of some of our favorite ballplayers working out in the Arizona sun. New general manager David Stearns continues to reshape the franchise, making […]


Rolling Out the Barrel: How can there be a tank if we’re shedding WAR?

Folks, Brewers On Deck weekend has arrived! All your favorite Brewers will be there, except for Jonathan Lucroy, which makes us all very upset, dangit. Who’s this joker think he is answering questions honestly? Matt Garza will be there, so if you’re still furious at him about the way last season ended, you can yell mean […]


Rolling Out the Barrel: Today’s Production or Tomorrow’s Potential?

Folks, apparently it was Brewers week over at Beyond the Box Score. If you’re not already reading them regularly (you should be), now’s the time to start. We’re rolling out the barrel today with a bunch of help from SB Nation’s sabermetrics blog, so if silly things like math and numbers get you all twisted, […]

Chris Carter

Rolling Out the Barrel: Is Chris Carter a Hall of Famer?

Hello! I’m excited to welcome you back for the first 2016 installment of Rolling Out the Barrel. With the holiday season, we’ve been away for a few weeks — and to be fair, with the holiday, not much has happened. Anticipating my triumphant return, David Stearns turned up the hot stove a notch this week, signing […]


Rolling Out the Barrel: Slingin’ Stearns is at it again

Happy Friday! I’ve been buried under grad-school finals and poorly-timed physical illness (perhaps not unrelated), so I was away last week and we’re going to keep it short and sweet this week. Maybe that’s appropriate as we enter the post-Winter-Meetings period of the offseason, which can get a bit dull, at times. As we bid […]


Rolling Out the Barrel: Winter Meetings are Coming

As I write this, I’m still trying to comprehend what I just saw during the end of the football match featuring our local 22. I have nothing else to offer at this time. Please give me the benefit of the doubt during this difficult and confusing time as we attempt to move forward together. God bless […]

Minors Picture

Rolling Out the Barrel: Warming Up with Arizona Heat

The season is over and November is here, bringing baseball awards season with it. The Brewers, unfortunately, were (at best) mediocre is almost every single aspect of the game in 2015, and therefore don’t even have much to root for in terms of ultimately-meaningless individual awards. However, the BBWAA released it’s official ballot for the […]


Rolling Out the Barrel: Every Day is a Day Closer to April

Here are some facts: (1) Former Brewers manager Ned Yost once plugged in Laynce Nix — who carried a 69 OPS+ at the time and was making his season debut in August — into the three-hole for Milwaukee in the middle of a pennant race because he was either unaware that batting order is not […]