Heavy Hitting Brewers

Can anything slow down the Brewers offense? Over the past couple of weeks, they’ve dealt with absences from the Eric Thames, Ryan Braun and Travis Shaw — the entire heart of the order — and yet they’ve continued to produce. Even with Sunday’s loss to the Cubs, the Brewers are 10-2 over the past 12 […]


2017 Brewers Fantasy Preview

The Milwaukee Brewers are not the world’s most interesting team for fantasy baseball purposes. They have two good players and then a lot of interesting young ones, but not a ton in the middle. However, those young players are generally worth monitoring throughout the season, particularly if playing time develops in either the outfield or […]


Villar and Creating Luck

Jonathan Villar’s 2016 breakout was one of the Brewers’ highlights of the year, if not the highlight for the rebuilding club. While the trade involving RHP Cy Sneed and Villar was a valuable move for the Brewers the moment it happened, Villar’s power/speed/discipline explosion exponentially increased the value of that deal. The resulting 4.8 WARP […]


Jonathan Villar’s Baserunning

Jonathan Villar led the Major Leagues in stolen bases with 62. However, according to Baseball Prospectus’ Baserunning Runs (BRR), Villar actually produced negative value on the base paths this past season. In fact, only Chris Carter created more negative value than Villar amongst non-pitchers. Villar had -2.4 BRR this season, which would put him in […]