Rebuild Rebuilding

When the Brewers embarked on their rebuilding campaign, first under President Doug Melvin during 2015 and then under GM David Stearns, the common fan and analyst rebuilding model was the scorched-earth, tear-it-to-the-ground, “tank” rebuild. This rebuilding model was ostensibly perfected by the Houston Astros and also practiced by the Chicago Cubs, where the assumption is […]


How Does Jhoulys Chacin Compare to Other Wild Card Starters?

According to Baseball Prospectus’ playoff odds, the Brewers’ chances of making the postseason 98.5 percent.  Nearly all of that likelihood, however, is tied up in the Wild Card game (84.8 percent).  It is thus fair to say that the Brewers are overwhelmingly likely to be in the National League Wild Card game.  Who their opponent […]