Rebuild Rebuilding

When the Brewers embarked on their rebuilding campaign, first under President Doug Melvin during 2015 and then under GM David Stearns, the common fan and analyst rebuilding model was the scorched-earth, tear-it-to-the-ground, “tank” rebuild. This rebuilding model was ostensibly perfected by the Houston Astros and also practiced by the Chicago Cubs, where the assumption is […]


Maldonado’s Future with the Brewers

Martin Maldonado made his debut in Milwaukee in 2011 and has been the Brewers’ backup catcher since broke into the big leagues. He hasn’t started more than 66 games in a season; however, since Jonathan Lucroy blossomed into one of the game’s best catchers during his tenure, it’s understandable that Maldonado has had a difficult time earning playing […]


Of Course Teams Are Going To Copy The Royals

Jerry Crasnick posted an article at ESPN on Friday suggesting that teams won’t be copying the Royals‘ free-swinging, contact-oriented team constructed around solid defense and a strong bullpen, rather than around middle-of-the-order sluggers and ace-level starting pitchers. There’s a perfectly good reason for that: most teams don’t play in cavernous parks like Kauffman Stadium that encourage contact […]

Garza Lohse

Who Does Free Agent Compensation Help?

Ever since free agency reared its head in 1975, baseball’s owners (particularly the cheap ones) have demanded compensation for their departing talent. The 1981 strike was, in part, driven by player resistance to a system of free-agent compensation in which the owners would “receive a player of similar value,” which would effectively kill the free-agent […]


Pulling Apart the Segura Trade

Last week, the Milwaukee Brewers traded shortstop Jean Segura and right-hander Tyler Wagner to the Arizona Diamondbacks in return for right-hander Chase Anderson, infielder Aaron Hill and infield prospect Isan Diaz. The trade has largely been painted as a significant win for the Brewers. Some have considered the deal a pure salary dump, as the […]