Jonathan Lucroy

Top Brewers Storylines of 2015: Jonathan Lucroy Struggles

At BP Milwaukee this week, we’ve been looking back at the biggest Brewers storylines of the 2015 season. Trades and front-office shakeups obviously command most of our attention; however, this past year saw Jonathan Lucroy follow up his borderline MVP performance (+7.9 WARP) in 2014 with his worst overall production (+1.4 WARP) since his rookie campaign. Injuries […]


Top Brewers Storylines of 2015: Carlos Gomez GoGos to Houston

The most significant Brewers storyline that involved an actual transaction was the trade deadline blockbuster that sent center fielder Carlos Gomez and right-hander Mike Fiers to Houston. After the Brewers’ deal with the Mets fell apart, Milwaukee shook hands with Houston and received a package of players headlined by top-100 prospect Brett Phillips. As our own […]


Top Brewers Storylines of 2015: Resurrection of the Farm System

On Monday, my colleague Jack Moore covered the departure of Doug Melvin, one of the bigger developments to emerge from this year. While Melvin certainly had his strengths as General Manager, his failures ultimately outweighed his successes — and chief among the former was, as Moore cited, Melvin’s utter inability to construct a respectable minor […]


Top Brewers Storylines of 2015: Stearns In, Melvin Out

The number one story here at Baseball Prospectus Milwaukee has been the reorganization of the front office in the wake of the Brewers’ dreadful 2015. On September 21st, general manager Doug Melvin transitioned to an advisory role within the organization and made way for a new GM, David Stearns, formerly the assistant general manager for […]