Brewers Farm Update

Phil Bickford and Baseball’s Dumbest Rule

On Thursday, April 6 the Carolina Mudcats will take the field for the first time as the High-A affiliate of the Brewers. Phil Bickford, who the Brewers acquired in the Will Smith trade last summer, will not be making that historic first start for the Milwaukee-affiliated Mudcats–instead, he will be serving out game number one […]


A Tight Rotation

Spring Training starts soon, which means a number of things to everyone. It’s a chance for young players to make an impression with the big club. It’s two months to prepare for the season for those assured of a roster spot. And, in quite a few cases, it’s a semi-open audition for the unfilled spots […]

Brewers Farm Update

Brett Phillips’ Contact Issues are Officially Worrisome

In July of 2015, the Milwaukee Brewers traded away Carlos Gomez, and the centerpiece of the return package was centerfield prospect Brett Phillips. Later, that fall, I profiled Phillips as the newest impact prospect in the team’s rising farm system. In the context of evaluating Phillips, I took a long look at the evolution of […]


Havana Nights In Milwaukee?

Having the top farm system in all of baseball means it’s too early to celebrate–but that doesn’t mean the Brewers shouldn’t splurge this winter. If the Milwaukee Brewers 2016 season–and the offseason that preceded it–had a unifying theme, that was without a doubt asset collection. Before you feast you must gather, and the David Stearns […]

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Milwaukee Brewers

Seven Free Brews

Is it better to be lucky, or good? History has, time and again, proven this to be a trick question. The truth is, if you want to succeed in anything, you need to be both lucky and good. Building a championship baseball team is no exception. The 1994 Montreal Expos and 2001 Seattle Mariners might […]