The Motivation of a Player in his Contract Year

In America, we think of players in their contract year as motivated to prove themselves and earn their next contract.  Analysts mention it routinely (here are two different examples from before this season alone), and Hall of Fame manager Sparky Anderson once said, “Just give me 25 guys on the last year of their contracts; […]


Domingo Santana’s Changed Approach

As regular readers of this website are undoubtedly aware at this point, Statcast gives us a wealth of information that we did not previously have access to.  We are now able to do more in-depth research than was previously possible, and the results are—at the very least—interesting.  I think the jury is still out about […]


On the World Series and Experiences of Fandom

On the World Series and the Experiences of Fandom Baseball fandom is a personal experience.  People become fans for many different reasons, and their interest waxes and wanes over the course of their life for different reasons as well.  For some people, fandom is driven by an intense loyalty to their city.  Others are motivated […]