Chris Carter

Baseball’s Next Evolution: The National League DH

Back in October Ben Lindbergh looked at Kyle Schwarber and his squeamish defense. He talked to a few talent evaluators who weren’t high on his ability to play the outfield. One evaluator even described him as “unplayable.” Schwarber’s defensive struggles have been well-documented, but the early returns suggest that they have also been a bit overblown. While he’s not […]


Why We’re Wrong To Criticize Lucroy For Wanting Trade

After a relatively toothless December in Wisconsin, the winter weather has finally blanketed the Midwest in January, bringing below-zero temperatures and a handful of flurries. The winter meetings ended over a month ago. The Green Bay Packers departed the NFL Playoffs in a simultaneously exhilarating and soul-crushing manner. The Milwaukee Brewers haven’t made a transaction […]