Chasing 1988

I’ve dreaded writing this post for some time, the ultimate jinx post for the phenomenal 2018 Milwaukee Brewers pitching staff. In fact, they surrendered eight runs today while I researched this feature. Yet, as the games played total strolls over 100, it is worth broaching the topic of the place of the 2018 Brewers pitching […]


Kyle Lohse, the Worst, and The Best Pitching Performances in Brewers History

On March 25th, 2013, Kyle Lohse signed a three-year, $33-million-dollar contract with the Milwaukee Brewers. The right-hander signed late in the offseason, and in fact, he was one of the only quality players left on the market during that time. This was rather uncommon. Most free agent deals aren’t signed at the end of March, and […]