Aces Do Not Exist

If the progression of Brandon Woodruff did not awake the question last season, Corbin Burnes’s ascent through the minors has certainly raised it loud and clear, week in and week out, this season: does the Milwaukee Brewers system have an ace? In the cases of both Woodruff and Burnes, the answer is quick and easy, […]


The Brewers and the Platoon Advantage

Baseball is almost back! With the 2016 regular season underway in just five days, the Brewers faithful can hardly wait. But we still have those 120 hours to kill, which means we (meaning I — unless the audience has as little of a social life as I do) will kill our time looking at leaderboards […]

Garza Lohse

Who Does Free Agent Compensation Help?

Ever since free agency reared its head in 1975, baseball’s owners (particularly the cheap ones) have demanded compensation for their departing talent. The 1981 strike was, in part, driven by player resistance to a system of free-agent compensation in which the owners would “receive a player of similar value,” which would effectively kill the free-agent […]


Which Brewer Had the Worst Pitch in 2015?

On Tuesday, I wrote about the best pitches that we saw from the Brewers in 2015. Jimmy Nelson’s curveball, Ariel Pena’s four-seam fastball, Francisco Rodriguez’s changeup, and Will Smith’s slider all separated themselves from the pack in a good way. Now, we come to the natural compliment to that exercise — which Milwaukee offerings proved […]


Which Brewer Had the Best Pitch in 2015?

Most fans of baseball seem to observe the game from a hitting-centric viewpoint. As Warren Spahn once quipped, “hitting is timing, pitching is upsetting timing.” This approach has never appealed to me — I think pitchers have a greater hand in the game than we credit them for. Aside from the fact that they succeed far […]


Kyle Lohse, the Worst, and The Best Pitching Performances in Brewers History

On March 25th, 2013, Kyle Lohse signed a three-year, $33-million-dollar contract with the Milwaukee Brewers. The right-hander signed late in the offseason, and in fact, he was one of the only quality players left on the market during that time. This was rather uncommon. Most free agent deals aren’t signed at the end of March, and […]


Was Kyle Lohse the Worst Opening Day Starter in Brewers’ History?

For some baseball fans, Opening Day is the quintessential symbol of hope. With everybody tied for first place, it’s easy to clutch tightly to a sense of optimism, even if that optimism isn’t entirely rational. Zero and zero is a record that teems with promise of things to come. After a long, patience-testing offseason, that […]


The 2015 BP Milwaukee End-Of-Season Awards

Lately, lots of talk surrounding the Milwaukee Brewers has surrounded the future of the team. And understandably so. The future appears to hold so many more positive, exciting things in store! But with the 2015 season so freshly minted, let’s take a look back and crown some winners for the First-Annual BP Milwaukee End-of-Season Awards. The […]