How Did Chase Anderson Improve Against Righties?

Last week, I wrote about the differences between Chase Anderson’s 2014 and 2015 seasons. If you haven’t read that yet, do so now, because I get paid by the pageview it’ll give some background regarding his performance. In a nutshell, Anderson shifted his whole arsenal down and in, which gave him lower strikeout and walk rates and […]


Ariel Pena’s Amazing Feat

We haven’t written much on this site about Ariel Pena, and that is generally for good reason. He is a 26-year-old right-handed pitcher who isn’t a top prospect or a particularly impressive minor-league performer. The Brewers’ major-league rotation, while not stuffed with great options, is generally full of pitchers who are higher in the pecking […]


Did Chase Anderson Have A Sophomore Slump?

The concept of the sophomore slump, which holds some weight in every walk of life (sporting or otherwise), always seems prominent in baseball analysis. Most evidence suggests that rookies don’t fall off in their second campaign — and that regression to the mean accounts for any decline in performance — yet we still cling to the idea that they’ll stumble […]

Chris Carter

Examining Chris Carter’s 2016 Projections

Because they don’t plan on competing this season, the Brewers have taken chances on a few high-risk, high-upside players. Chris Carter, who came to Milwaukee after Houston non-tendered him, fits this mold. He could flame out, striking out too often to compensate for the occasional home run, or he could bombard the opposition with long balls and reward the […]

Chris Carter

Chris Carter and the Problem with Inconsistent Hitters

Most of the time in baseball analysis, we’ll look at a player’s full-season statistics only. While this generally covers the full breadth of their production, it can sometimes obscure more pertinent details. For instance, Adam Lind (RIP) hit very well overall last season, but his ability petered off toward the end of the season. With that […]


Who Had The Best Rookie Season in Brewers History?

The Brewers have had two Hall of Famers spend, at the very least, the majority of their career in Milwaukee: Robin Yount and Paul Molitor. The organization has had several players make multiple All-Star games, and they’ve boasted two MVPs of the league: Yount and Ryan Braun. And yet, the best rookie season in Brewers’ franchise history […]


Garin Cecchini Deserves a Shot

The Milwaukee Brewers have some options at third base. None seem spectacularly overwhelming on the surface. However, in determining which player most deserves the starting role, it’s best to explore all available options. As it sits right now, the newly-acquired Jonathan Villar is perched atop the official depth chart. In his 589 career plate appearances, Villar has […]