Aces Don’t Exist: Third Time Charmers

The Brewers are gaining a reputation for becoming a bullpen squad, part of the MLB bullpen revolution, and rightfully so. Over the offseason, the Brewers lost out on all the major free agency starting pitchers, and never consummated a trade for one of the (presumably, oft-rumored) available aces, instead remaining satisfied with marginal moves involving […]


The Flexibility of Craig Counsell

For a manager in baseball, as for any person of authority in any field, rigidity can be deadly. While every worker should try to change with the times and stay ahead of the curve, the decision-maker ultimately bears the most responsibility in these areas, since they set the example for everyone else to follow. In […]


Craig Counsell’s Approach to Stealing Bases

The Brewers, as a team, have their fair share of speedsters. Sure, Carlos Gomez has departed to so-called greener pastures [sobs], but Ryan Braun can still hold his own on the basepaths, as can Jean Segura. Plus, Orlando Arcia and Brett Phillips — who stole 25 and 18 bases, respectively, in 2015 — will arrive at […]


What Will the 2016 Brewers’ Bullpen Look Like?

The recent trade of Francisco Rodriguez means that the 2016 bullpen will look significantly different from the 2015 one. There will obviously be a new closer, but that specific title is less important than the specific leverage roles that each player will fill. Rodriguez was not just the Brewers’ closer; he was also one of […]


Rolling Out the Barrel: Stearns Ushers in New Era

I bet you’ll just never guess what we’re talking about this week, folks. It’s late in the year, the major league team is [insert interesting-sounding synonym for bad here], and we’ve got big news in the front office this week. Let’s dive in: Brew Crew Ball || Hiring of David Stearns cements new direction for […]