MLB: Milwaukee Brewers-Workouts

Counterbuilding: Trading & Drafting

Unfortunately, the Brewers can compete as early as next season, and contend as early as 2018. I write “unfortunately” because the Milwaukee faithful are clearly spinning in the cycles of rebuilding press promulgated by the club, and therefore being coaxed with subtle hints that it might be acceptable to watch losing baseball for several seasons. […]


How Brewers Should Rebuild: Spend Lots Of Money

According to Cot’s Contracts, the Milwaukee Brewers currently have $40.5 million committed to their Major League roster, not including the three pending arbitration cases for Jean Segura, Wily Peralta, and Will Smith. Everyone else who dons a Brewers uniform in 2016, as of now, will make the league minimum. For perspective, the club’s Opening Day payroll […]


The Milwaukee Brewers and Draft Trends

The MLB Draft is a complicated and inexact science. Predicting it can be an even harder process. That’s why so often we look and find that mock drafts aren’t great predictive tools, and perhaps that’s not even the purpose of mock drafts. On the FanGraphs podcast, Kiley McDaniel mentioned, “… the mock draft is more of an avenue to spread […]