Reassessing Wily Peralta

When Wily Peralta was sent to the minor leagues in the middle of June, he was struggling tremendously. He had put up a 6.68 ERA in in 66 innings and struck out 42 batters and walked 27. These numbers were absolutely horrible, and—as I wrote at the beginning of the season—Peralta’s underlying performance was trending […]


Freeing Wily

Approximately three months into the season it’s become quite clear: the 2016 Brewers are a different animal than last year’s team. For one thing, the second Wild Card spot is a distant–but not unrealistic–dream. The farm system, which lay barren for years, is flourishing with young impact talent. But perhaps the most notable change in […]


Pitching Staff and the Rebuild

It’s no secret that the Brewers’ pitching staff has struggled tremendously this year: they rank last in baseball in DRA, are the only group to have posted negative WARP, and are leading only Cincinnati in FIP. And unfortunately for the Brewers, many of the culprits are young pitchers who the club was hoping to be […]