Revisiting the Sabathia Trade

Throughout the offseason, I have worked toward developing a Benefit-Cost Analysis tool that monetizes MLB production and Overall Future Potential (OFP) in order to judge trades and assess franchise surplus value. Consistently testing this tool with Brewers rebuilding or counterbuilding moves, as well as problematizing the tool by assessing 2017 trades (such as the Brian […]


Winning Jobs: Spring Training Stuff!

The Brewers have an almost absurd level of organization depth and MLB roster flexibility at the moment, which leaves many questions about the shape of the roster for the 2017 season. At this point it should almost be a given that the August 1, 2017 roster will not be the roster that breaks camp, in […]


Closing Windows

It’s a common refrain now: the Brewers are finished with their rebuild. In terms of shedding MLB contracts for minor league assets, Milwaukee’s front office is basically done wheelin’ and dealin’. As everyone knows, veteran superstar Ryan Braun is the last remaining true trade chip, and the left fielder appears to be in the organization’s […]


Cashing Out OFP

In 2016, MLB owners spent approximately $4 billion on approximately 1065 WARP produced by both batters and pitchers. While the common market assumption prices one additional win above replacement at $7 million on the free market, the vast majority of MLB contracts are not signed on the free market, which drives the cost of WARP […]


On Tunnels and CSAA

At the end of January, BaseballProspectus introduced several new metrics to dive deeper into pitching analysis. Called Strikes Above Average is one potentially useful metric for judging a pitcher’s command since it assesses the called strikes that a pitcher creates (controlled for the umpire, catcher, and other factors). Pitch tunnels is another potentially useful metric, […]


Austerity and Collusion

The Milwaukee Brewers rebuilding and analytics campaign fits perfectly with a new narrative of revenue reorganization within the MLB. Mirroring a broader era of austerity in the United States of America, MLB owners are redistributing revenue upwards, to the detriment of both MLB and minor league payrolls, as well as draft and international spending bonuses. […]


101 Trends

Yesterday, Baseball Prospectus published the 2017 Top 101 prospects, which was a list that substantiated fan sentiment that Milwaukee has effectively rebuilt the farm system. Notably, the laudable Brewers prospects evenly represent regimes, with President Doug Melvin claiming three of the Brewers’ Top 101, and current GM David Stearns claiming four. Taken in concert with […]

Minors Picture

Prospective 2018

The 2017 Brewers pose an extremely interesting problem for those analysts that enjoy looking forward on the calendar: At least two of Milwaukee’s 2017 BaseballProspectus Top 10 could reasonably lose rookie status during extended MLB stints in 2017 (a la Orlando Arcia in 2016). At least six of the Brewers 2017 BaseballProspectus Top 10 could reasonably make the […]


Starting Jorge Lopez

Brewers prospect Jorge Lopez’s tale is nearly famous by now: the righty surged onto the scene in 2015 by putting together several aspects of his game into a complete package that even saw a jump from Class-AA Biloxi to Milwaukee, only to lose his mechanics and command at Class-AAA Colorado Springs in 2016. Lopez reset […]