What does success look like for Orlando Arcia in 2017?

Despite limited expectations, Brewers top prospect shortstop Orlando Arcia’s bat was still underwhelming in 2016. In his 55-game first stint with the big club, Arcia managed just a .219/.273/.358 batting line and struck out in 21.8 percent of his plate appearances. Arcia’s down year shouldn’t be much of a concern. Besides the fact that he […]


Age in the Minors: Pacific Coast

Not unlike some of his highly-ranked, organizational teammates in Biloxi, Orlando Arcia received cool notes from the press in 2016. Throughout the season, fans and writers alike consistently pointed to Arcia’s Colorado Springs batting line as a sign that the shortstop should not be rushed, that perhaps 2016 was not indeed his year for the […]


The Hope and Joy of Orlando Arcia

According to Baseball Prospectus, the Brewers have a 0 percent chance of winning the division, and they have a 0 percent chance of clinching one of the two wild card sports. Therefore, they have a 0 percent chance of making the playoffs. This shouldn’t be all that surprising. While the Brewers aren’t mathematically eliminated from […]