Ryan Braun’s Worrisome Ground Ball Tendency

As we head into the offseason, perhaps no Brewer has a less certain future than Ryan Braun. Milwaukee’s prodigal son prospered in 2016: The 3.9 WARP that he compiled this year was the highest total since 2012, when he finished second in the NL MVP voting. That exquisite production, together with his fairly team-friendly contract — he’ll […]


Ryan Braun, Spoiler Extraordinaire

The Brewers have been making this a surprisingly fun September. After destroying the Pittsburgh Pirates’ hopes with a three-game sweep last weekend, the Brewers made things unexpectedly rough for the St. Louis Cardinals this weekend. Milwaukee mustered a four-game split in the four-game series at Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals have been a downright shockingly […]


Good for 80 Games

The Brewers are in the midst of a stunning September surge, one that could potentially find them playing themselves out of a 2017 Top 10 draft pick and — better yet — finding another MLB role from their pile of future values. This surge is stunning because thus far it’s come against the World Champion […]