A Tight Rotation

Spring Training starts soon, which means a number of things to everyone. It’s a chance for young players to make an impression with the big club. It’s two months to prepare for the season for those assured of a roster spot. And, in quite a few cases, it’s a semi-open audition for the unfilled spots […]


Matt Garza’s Value

For an MLB player, value has two elements: Production: A player can be considered valuable based on how well they perform on the field. Alternately, as advanced statistics and analytical tools emerge, a player can be considered valuable based on their underlying elements — stuff, mechanics, plate approach, command, etc. Both of these metrics, traditional […]


Jimmy Nelson’s Future

As the Brewers entered 2016, their rotation looked flush with young pitching talent. During 2015, Wily Peralta, Taylor Jungmann, and Jimmy Nelson all made at least 20 starts and were in their age-26 season or younger. Each had experienced some level of big league success: Peralta was coming off a disappointing 2015 season but had […]


Good for 80 Games

The Brewers are in the midst of a stunning September surge, one that could potentially find them playing themselves out of a 2017 Top 10 draft pick and — better yet — finding another MLB role from their pile of future values. This surge is stunning because thus far it’s come against the World Champion […]


Why Is Nelson Struggling?

Coming into this season, there was significant optimism surrounding Jimmy Nelson. He was heading into his age-27 season, and the Brewers were hoping he would take a step forward and establish his place in the rotation for years to come. PECOTA saw good things for him, with his 50th-percentile projection being 2.6 WARP and a […]